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Therafirm Compression Hosiery

Therafirm Ladies Sheer Support Thigh Highs

Style B


Medium Compression15-20 mmHg

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Ladies Sheer Support Thigh Highs » £23.49 - Therafirm Style B - Ladies Support Thigh Highs from Pebble UK
  • Therafirm Sheer Support Thigh Highs in Black

Soft & pretty, ladies sheer, support thigh highs with lace design, stay up top. Boost your circulation & your confidence, helping you to look good & feel great. If you do not like wearing tights, then these support hold ups are a practical alternative, and unlike tights, you don't have to keep pulling them up and down for wc trips throughout the day.

As these support thigh-highs are good at helping to energise tired, sluggish legs and help prevent and relieve varicose veins, uncomfortable swelling and DVT, they are deemed ideal for travelling as well.

No suspender belt needed. 

Manufactured with MicroCool, moisture wicking yarns to draw moisture away from the body, keeping skin fresher for longer and helping reduce the onset of odours and bacteria proliferation.

PLEASE NOTE: These are made with sheer material like that you would expect of stockings, the picture makes them look opaque, they are not opaque.

  • Made with Nylon and Spandex.
  • Latex Free.
  • 15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression.
  • Made with MicroCool

Ankle Circumference - Just above the ankle bone

Calf Circumference - At the widest point

Thigh Circumference - Approx. 2 finger widths down from the groin

Length - From floor to same position as above (for the thigh)

New SC 3a

Overall Rating

2 out of 5

Caz » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Telford, Shropshire

Would you recommend this product? No

Date: 24/11/2015

Check the size guide carefully!

 already have some Pebble support stockings in Medium which fit perfectly but unfortunately when I came to order some Therafirm I didn't check the size guide and my thigh whitch measured Medium in Pebble are classed as the top end of XL or the start of XXL!  This oversight means that the tops of the stockings keep rolling down which makes them uncomfortable and inefficient = a waste of money!

Pebble UK Says: Never assume that if you are a Medium in one product, then you are a Medium for everything. Different branded products will be made in different factories and will have different features, different fabrics and differing amounts of stretch. It is the same for clothes, one shop you may be a size 10, another you may be a size 12.

Overall Rating

1 out of 5

Claire » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom London, London

Would you recommend this product? No

Date: 08/04/2016

Very Disappointed

I read the previous review and have therefore been very careful with the size. I took the XL size as it fitted my measurement for the thigh (otherwise I am a medium for the 2 other measurements). They were fine when I tried them on... until I went out to the shop for 5 min and had to rush back home as they had slipped down to my knees ! It was so embarrassing. Obviously, as trying them on is the only way to see whether they fit, I am stuck, as I cannot return them now that they have been worn... But I would definitely not recommend this product as the fitting problem does not seem to be a size issue...

Pebble UK Says: If unsure about the sizing, always contact us first before ordering. The most important size is the Ankle. If you have a Medium Ankle and a Medium Calf, but you have ordered XL, they will be too long in the leg or too big for the circumferences around the lower leg. If they are too big, you may experience them slipping down. It might be worth washing them, as this usually sorts out the problem if correctly fitting stockings are slipping, so this may be worth a try.

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