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Zero Point Compression Hosiery

Zero Point Intense Compression Socks

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Style ZP11

Was £34.95

Now £27.96

High Compression20-30 mmHg

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Intense Compression Socks » £27.96 - Zero Point Style ZP11 - Mens Sports Compression from Pebble UK
  • Zero Point Intense Compression Socks Deep Black
  • Zeropoint Intense Sports Compression Socks Camo Green
  • Zero Point Intense Compression Socks Pink
  • Zero Point Intense Compression Socks Dark Blue

Zero Point Intense Compression Socks are optimised for intensive work out and are made with top class technical features giving superior user satisfaction.

Made with graduated medical compression that has scientifically proven efficacy to make sure that your blood flow is effectively aided by a compression that is strongest at the ankle and decreases gradually all the way up.

Compression adds pressure to tissues, so that venous blood and lymphatic circulation intensify. It helps activate calf muscles, wakes the metabolism and reduces risk of injury, such as cramps, shin splints, ankle and Achilles tendon.

With a more effective blood circulation, you'll get more oxygen pumping round and more energy in the leg muscles. You'll benefit from better metabolism, which helps reduce lactic acid, reduce fatigue and expidite recovery. Lymphatic activity is improved, swelling is lessened, and performance is enhanced, giving stability and reducing muscle tension. 

In a test made with runners, Zero Point had the best results in terms of having less muscle fatigue, compared to that of regular sports socks.

Cutting edge materials and carefully thought out technical details provide the socks with unique functionality and usability and can be worn throughout a multiple of sports disciplines.

With Zero Point Intense Compression Socks you'll get an anatomical fit with padded protection area over the shin and ankle bones, breathable material with moisture management, Foot and Calf air flow, softer, stronger Heel and Toe areas, flex top band and comfort fit.

  • Graduated Compression 20-30 mmHg
  • Anatomical Fit
  • Flex Top Band
  • Air Flow
  • Padded Protected Areas
  • Softer, Stronger Heel & Toe
  • Moisture Management

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