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Pebble UK Compression Hosiery

Pebble UK Medical Weight Open Toe Wide Calf Short Length Socks

Style P201SW


High Compression20-30 mmHg

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Medical Weight Open Toe Wide Calf Short Length Socks » £24.99 - Pebble UK Style P201SW - Medical Compression Stockings from Pebble UK

Another great addition to the medical weight compression hosiery line. These popular, short length, wide calf compression socks feature an open toe design enabling comfort for those who suffer with toe problems. Having a soft non-constricting toe band, flat seams, reciprocated heel and non-constricting top band, these versatile socks are a more comfortable and better fitting option for those who have stout legs.

Graduated compression effectively improves the blood circulation to help battle varicose veins, swelling, heavy feeling legs, thrombosis, DVT, lymphoedema and venous insufficiencies.

  • Graduated Compression 20-30 mmHg
  • Seam Free
  • Soft, Stretchy Fabric
  • Open Toe Design with Non-Constricting Toe Band
  • Reciprocated Heel
  • Non-Restricting Top Band
  • Wide Calf Design
  • Shorter Length

Need help with sizing? Please call us free on 0800 433 4757 or send us an email at orders@pebbleuk.com

Where to Measure:

Ankle Circumference - Just above the ankle bone

Calf Circumference - At the widest point

Length - From the floor to approx. 1 cm / half an inch below the bend of knee 

Pebble UK Size Chart Wide Calf Short Length Compression Socks

Overall Rating

4 out of 5

Lucky2balive » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Date: 08/02/2016

Great for little "shorties" like me!

I bought these in the "standard" length last year and lo and behold they were a bit long in the foot and dug in behind my knee.  Then the short length were a 'special order'.  I am please to see that Pebble UK have decided to stock them as I am sure there is a call for them.  My circumstances have changed a little since last year, I have had one of my feet amputated and been diagnosed with small vessel disease, which usually affects heavy smokers in later life - I am 46 and a life-long non-smoker. 

However, I still have pyoderma in my remaining leg and lyphodema and need compression but the good news is that I get twice the wear out of a pair of socks as I only need one! 

The wide calf (due to swelling caused by the lympodema) and short length (due to being a shortie) are ideal.  I am five foot one and they come to just below my knee.  They don't roll down or wrinkle at the ankle.  They are still too long in the foot though, I am a size 5.  Rather than folding them back (and increasing the compression) I just leave them overhanging and put a sock on.  I generally wear a boot so the extra material doesn't cause too much of an issue and I use a wheelchair if I leave the house, but I could imagine it might be an issue for someone wearing a court shoe or with a job involving a lot of walking or standing.

I am giving them 4* due to being just a little too long in the foot, as I don't think I have particularly small feet (or foot now!)

Delivery was quite fast arriving a few days after ordering at 4pm on a weekday.

Price is very good compared to other suppliers on the market.

Overall Rating

5 out of 5

SWTH » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Troon, Ayrshire

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Date: 07/04/2016


Very very comfortable and just the right length. Previously purchased longer length, but they were ever so slightly too long, caught behind knee. Not the case with the shorter length. Easy to forget wearing them, that is how comfortable they are. Will be ordering more.

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