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Solidea Compression Hosiery

Solidea Silver Wave Slimming Sleeves

Style 433A5


Medium Compression15-21 mmHg

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Silver Wave Slimming Sleeves » £54.90 - Solidea Style 433A5 - Compression Arm Sleeves from Pebble UK

Originally produced to help control flabby upper arms and the effects of cellulite in this particularly prone area, these micromassaging, compression sleeves have become popular for those who are susceptible to, or suffering with lymphoedema in the upper limbs.

The Silver Wave Slimming Sleeves, feature a double action therapy on your arms, as you wear them under your clothes, throughout the day.

A 3D wave fabric that actively massages the skin on your arms as you move, stimulates micro circulation on the skins surface, to help massage away excess fluids, detoxifying the skin and helping to fight the effects of cellulite*. The compression in the garment acts as a body shaper to instantly slim the arms, and coupled together with the micromassage, you get a great therapeutic action to help tone and shape your arms, or lessen swelling.

The Silver Wave Slimming Sleeves are excellent at providing stability for the arm muscles during physical activities such as biking and running, reducing muscle vibration and helping to prevent cramps.

With graduated compression, the Slimming Sleeves also help to improve blood circulation in the arms and help reduce swelling such as lymphoedema that may be caused by trauma, mastectomy and having radiological treatments. 

  • Micromassage anti-cellulite fabric
  • Body shaper
  • Muscle Vibration Reducer
  • Lightweight Compression Lymphedema Sleeve
  • Made with silver ions
  • 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane
  • 15-21 mmHg


Because of the nature of these products, the more you move, the more benefits you will receive and the quicker you will see results. So using these items during physical activities will increase the speed of results.

*In the opinion of the patients, the garments was effective for the treatment of Liposclerosis (Cellulite) in 88% of the cases, and when worn regularly, enhanced well-being and generated a containment effect, as well as an increase of the diuresis in 24% of the cases. (Flebologia: Official Organ of Italian Association of Phlebology - Quarterly Scientific Journal, Volume X, Issue 1, Jan-Mar 1999)

cC - Circumference of wrist

cD - Circumference just below bend of arm (approx 1 inch)

cF - Circumference midway between bend of arm & armpit (widest point of Bicep)

New SC 11b

Overall Rating

4 out of 5

Jobeth » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom THIRSK, North Yorkshire

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Date: 17/04/2013

Gives a neater, firmer look.

They do work! Not cheap but for a special occasion or particular outfit where they are needed, great. I'm a size 16/18 & bought the medium. Just wish the bit that falls over the top of my bra between my arm pit & and the bra strap was tucked in by this product. May have to combine it with a sleeveless control vest to get the perfect look for a wedding coming up. Cheaper than plastic surgery which is really what my bingo wings warrant!

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