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LympheDIVAS Compression Hosiery

LympheDIVAS Kraken Lymphoedema Sleeve

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Style KrakS


Medium and High Compression20-30/30-40 mmHg

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Kraken Lymphoedema Sleeve » £88.75 - LympheDIVAS Style KrakS - Compression Arm Sleeves from Pebble UK

Does Not Include Gauntlet.

The Kraken Compression Arm Sleeve for Men portrays the Kraken, as a giant Octopus demolishing a ship at sea.

It is made with graduated compression to effectively improve blood circulation, which will help ease and prevent swelling and Lymphoedema caused by post-trauma, radiological treatments and chemotherapy.

Made with a fine knit construction and a 360 degree stretch, the fabric is finer and has an ability to move with your natural body movements, and helps prevent bunching.

Its moisture wicking capabilities means your skin is kept dry and healthy, preventing odour and allergies and the fabric is treated with Aloe Vera for skin-friendly softness.

Seamless in design for better comfort.

All sleeves come with a Diamond Band, a silicone-free and latex-free gripper applied to the top, inside, cuff to help keep the sleeve in place and prevent rolling. If you do not require the Diamond Band, please let us know before or after ordering. The price still remains the same.

Want the Kraken Sleeve and Gauntlet set, then purchase from our 'Sleeve & Gauntlet Sets' category and save £18.49.

  • Graduated Compression in 20-30 mmHg or 30-40mmHg
  • Seamless
  • 360 Degree Stretch
  • Aloe Vera Treatment
  • Fine Knit Construction
  • Moisture Wicking

How to Measure

If possible, have a friend help you to get the most accurate measurements. Begin by relaxing your arm and resting it on a table, bending it slightly to create a small bend in the elbow. Your arm should not be completely straight, nor fully bent.

A. PALM For the gauntlet, you should let your fingers relax, and bring the measuring tape so it’s just under your knuckles. Pull gently so the tape has no slack. Record the measurement.

B. WRIST Hold measuring tape around your wrist, going over the little bone on the outside. Pull tape to the point of gentle tension; there should be no slack, but you should not be pulling so hard that the tape creates an indentation. Write down this measurement in inches or centimeters.

C. MID LOWER Next, move the measuring tape up your arm so that it goes around the thick part of your forearm. Use the same amount of gentle tension and record the measurements.

D.  MID UPPER Finally, bring the measuring tape to the upper part of your arm, halfway between your elbow and  your armpit. If you have any extra skin here, gather it together as much as possible. You should hold the tape a bit tighter here so that all your skin is encircled evenly.

Sleeves come in short and long length. Measure your arm length from the top of your arm (axilla) to your wrist to determine your sleeve length. Short sleeves accommodate arms 14.5"-17" (37-43cm) and Long sleeves accommodate arms 16.5"-22" (42-56cm). Please Note: Regular length is now called Long length.

Lymphedivas Armsleeve & Gauntlet Size Chart