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RelaxSan Compression Hosiery

RelaxSan Maternity Support Band Silver

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Style 5400


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Maternity Support Band Silver » £27.50 - RelaxSan Style 5400 - Maternity Support Tights from Pebble UK

Soft and comfortable, supportive, seam free Maternity Bump Band made by RelaxSan. Designed to model and support the parts that inevitably grow during pregnancy and are overburdened by extra weight.

Helps contain the elongation of muscle fibres, in order to preserve natural elasticity of the skin and helps prevent sagging of the skin and muscle tissue.

Distributes body weight properly in order to reduce fatigue and maintain good posture.

Can also be used post-labour to help regain muscle tone.

The RelaxMaternity Belt is made with X-Static (patented) pure silver fibres, which contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that act as a bacteriostatic against most common bacteria. It protects the skin naturally from bacterial pathogens and the fermentation of sweat and milk secretions. These characteristics remain unaltered over time, even after repeated washing.

It has also been demonstrated that silver fibres act as a shield against electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, radios and TV’s: lab tests have shown that RelaxMaternity Silver repels on average 98% of electromagnetic waves to which we are commonly exposed.

This supportive band does not include briefs, the band fits around the hips, abdomen, tummy and lower back.

Please use the size you were before you were pregnant.

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