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Therafirm Compression Hosiery

Therafirm Core Spun Support Socks - Unisex

Style AC11


Medium Compression15-20 mmHg

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Core Spun Support Socks - Unisex » £26.99 - Therafirm Style AC11 - Support Hosiery for Industry from Pebble UK
  • Core Spun Support Socks in White
  • Core Spun Support Socks in Navy

A super, comfy pair of flight socks or everyday support socks for those that need them. 

These technological, graduated compression support socks are made with unique, core spun yarns, meaning they are easier to get into, more comfortable to wear and have great durability. 

These support socks are extremely stretchy, soft against the skin, and are made with moisture wicking yarns to wick sweat quickly away from the skin, lowering bacteria levels and preventing odours and infections, keeping feet and legs fresher and cooler for longer. Perfect fro those who may suffer with sweaty feet.

An extra roomy toe box area, makes these flight socks comfortable for the toes, as they are not compressed or squashed and due to their stretchy nature, the foot length has good adaptability compared to that of other brands. If you are concerned about a long foot length, then these socks may be the answer to any sizing issue, as they stretch extremely well. 

Our Core-Spun by Therafirm Support Socks are available up to XXL size, which caters fro a larger calf, please look at the size chart before ordering.

These are a medium weight compression and are more useful for those who already suffer with leg fatigue, varicose veins, heavy leg syndrome, swelling, or venous insufficiency and are good at helping to prevent DVT.

  • Graduated Compresion 15-20 mmHg
  • technological Core Spun Yarns
  • Moisture Wick Fabric
  • Non-restrictive Top Bands
  • Generous Toe Area
  • Made with Coolmax & Polyester
  • Wide Calf Size Available

If you have congestive heart failure, arterial disorders or an existing DVT, please consult your doctor before using compression socks.

New SC 7a

Overall Rating

5 out of 5

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Location: United Kingdom Halstead, Essex

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Date: 18/08/2013


I love these - have several pairs & just about to order some more as they always seem to be in the wash!  I spend a lot of time standing due to my work and notice within 10mins if I'm not wearing support socks, my lower legs start to hurt (I believe I have the start of varicose veins). These alleviate the symptoms immediately, and I'm hoping they will help to prevent the veins developing, or at least delay it.

Overall Rating

5 out of 5

LD » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Date: 07/01/2015

Comfort and Support

These are fantastic socks.  They are supporting and so comfortable that I have ordered another pair straight away.  The compression feels only slightly less than the 20-30 mmHg version, and whereas the combination of ultra-stretchiness and strength of compression on the 20-30s took a few minutes to adjust the material evenly, these socks don't have that problem at all.  They slide on easily and support without pinching. They are excellent :)

Overall Rating

4 out of 5

Vijay » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Gillingham, Kent

Would you recommend this product? Yes

Date: 24/08/2015


These support socks fit really well and do not roll down. I have worn them at work on 12hr shifts and they are really good, perfect fit for larger calves

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