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Solidea Compression Hosiery

Solidea Wonderful Hips Shaper High Waist 70 Opaque Support Tights

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Style 53270

Was £44.90

Now £38.16

Low Compression12-15 mmHg

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Wonderful Hips Shaper High Waist 70 Opaque Support Tights » £38.16 - Solidea Style 53270 - Ladies Support Tights from Pebble UK

INTRODUCTORY OFFER 15% OFF - Expires 21.11.17

Opaque Support Tights with body shaping tops. Made with form-fitting panels to help slim the tummy, hips and thighs and give buttocks a little extra boost, perfect to wear under tighter fitting clothes.

The unique waistband on these support tights are made with patented elastic weave that is more tolerable on the skin, meaning the wearer benefits from a better fit and much better comfort, unlike traditional waistbands that may dig in.

Soft, opaque fabric is made with FIR (far infrared ray) technology, where a mineral additive in the yarn reflects the body's natural thermal energy back into the skin, helping to improve the texture of the skin and making these a good weapon in the fight against cellulite! Or if you're lucky enough not to suffer with this then these tights will make your skin feel lovely and smooth after just one wear.

Although these tights give a pleasing temperature effect, they are not thermals.

Lightweight graduated compression makes sure your blood flow is effectively circulated, keeping your legs energised and helping to prevent the onset of venous insufficiencies such as Varicose Veins, Swelling, Heavy-Feeling Legs and Fatigue.

Made with flat stitching, cotton gusset and sanitised hygienic function for comfort and hygiene.

Gorgeous, Opaque Support Tights, great for colder times and the party season. 

Please Note: The Price of these tights in XL size is £46.90, this will change automatically when the XL size is put into the basket.

Nero (Black) and Blu Navy (Navy) available for immediate dispatch (stock level dependent).

Moka (Dark Brown) and Londra (Browny-Grey) may take approx 1-1.5 weeks delivery.

  • Lightweight Graduated Compression 12-15 mmHg
  • Unique Patented Waistband
  • Form-fitting, Body-shaping Top
  • Opaque Fabric
  • FIR Tech
  • Flat Stitching
  • Cotton Gusset
  • Hygienic Sanitised Function

To Convert Weight from Stones to Lbs, multiply by 14 and add the extra. Eg. 10 stone 3 is worked out as 10 x 14 = 140 + 3 = 143 lbs.

Normally if sizing is borderline, go the next size up. If unsure, please call us free on 0800 433 4757.

Solidea Size Chart XXL