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Frequently Asked Questions


What compression level do I need? Usually the best person to answer this question is your doctor or midwife, however, if you have no signs or symptoms of any venous circulatory problems such as varicose veins, swelling, and heavy feeling legs, then a preventative lightweight compression will be sufficient. If you do have any of the above symptoms then a medium compression is better, and for those with more advanced problems such as Thrombosis, Lymphedema, DVT, Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Ulceration, then higher compressions are usually needed. (This is a general list of symptoms to describe some of the problems that can be helped by the use of graduated compression stockings). Again, we would like to re-iterate the recommendation to speak to your doctor first before wearing compression hosiery. Those with present arterial disorders, an existing DVT or congestive Heart failure should not use compression hosiery, or, speak to a doctor about it first.

I can purchase support hosiery on the high street for much less money, why? Some support hosiery that is advertised as support hosiery, is not made with a graduated compression and not manufactured with an mmHg (medically recognised compression level). Always look for the mmHg and make sure it is graduated, for example, 8-15 mmHg, 18-21 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg as it is this that aids the blood flow. Without graduated compression, the hosiery is just a stretch nylon item that will not aid your blood flow. The manufacturing and testing process of a proper, medical grade compression stocking is much more involved compared to that of an everyday pair of tights. Graduated compression hosiery is designed for medical and leg health care reasons.

I have received my goods from you but they look extremely small, have I ordered the correct size? As long as you have measured yourself correctly and used the correct size chart, they should fit you. Compression hosiery and garments look small because after they have stretched around the body, they need to compress the body in all the right places.

Why is the gusset hanging low on my support tights? They have not been put on correctly. Get as much material as you can towards the top of the leg because most of the material is at the bottom of the leg and is pulling the crotch/gusset down. This will also cause unnecessary tension at the seams around the gusset area, and may cause holes to appear. See our video on the best way to put on your compression tights by clicking this link here.

Why is my support hosiery cutting in at the groin? You need to make sure your support hosiery is not twisted at the top and that you have smoothed out the material on the legs, working from top to bottom.

What is the life expectancy of these support tights? Although expensive, they do need to be cared for like normal hosiery. Paying more money does not make them indestructable. You are paying for the medical purposes of the hosiery as the manufacturing techniques are more involved compared to everyday hosiery. Our top tips for longevity: Keep toenails cut and filed, and skin on the feet filed and moisturised toprevent snagging from hard skin and jagged nails. When putting the hosiery on, wear hosiery gloves as these not only help with gripping the fabric, they will protect the hosiery from hard skin and nails on the hands. Always hand wash and air dry, away from a direct heat source. Washing by hand prevents them catching on other clothes in the washing machine.

Elasto-compression garments should ideally be replaced every 3-6 months.



I am trying to log back in to my account, but the website is not recognising me, can you help? There may have been a typing error when first registering with us. So now when you put in your details (that are correct), the system will not recognise you. Please email or call us and we can check your account details, alternatively, we can manually re-set your password.

I am trying to log back into my account, but the automated password you have sent me is not working, what can I do? Because 'I's', '1's' and 'L's' all look very similar, it is easy to make a typing error when trying to type in the password. Please copy and paste the password (no space before or after it), rather than trying to type it. If this still does not work, please contact us and we can manually re-set it for you.

The Paypal button/text/images are missing, is there something wrong with the website? When images or text is missing, this is usually due to your browser needing updating. Our website is designed to operate with the most recent versions of all popular browsers via different devices. Please udate your browser or use a different device or computer. If you still endure issues, we are able to take orders over the phone.

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