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Hosiery Blog

Arriving Soon! 6XXL Size

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Perfect for those with Lymphoedema or Lipodeoema and those with larger measurements who need a garment to help aid blood circulation whilst helping to massage away fluids. 

The 6XXL size will fit a height up to 6' 7 (205 cm) and weight up to 19 stone (120 Kg).

Coming to Pebble UK very soon.

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New Body Shaping Support Tights

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Solidea Wonderful Hips Shaper Sheer Support TightsNew from Solidea, the Wonderful Hips Shaper Sheer Support Tights combine the effectiveness of graduated compression to enhance the well being of the Legs, and a high-waisted, body-shaping top to help slenderise the look of the body silhouette.

These support tights are perfect to wear under your favourite dress, we're thinking, race meetings, weddings, special occasions or look your best for important work engagements.

Made with a unique flounce top that is more tolerable for skin, and moves as your body moves to prevent rolling. Comfort and hygiene is thought of every step of the way, with flat seams, cotton gusset, sanitised function and anti-stress soles onthe balls of the feet, (ideal to wear with heels).

Boost your blood flow and your confidence with Wonderful Hips Shaper Support Tights. Get yours today with free delivery, click here to order.

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Special Occasion Support Hosiery

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

If you've got a special occasion to attend this year, then we will have just the support hosiery you need to look good with your outfit, and to make sure your Legs feel energised throughout the day (or night).

Solidea Chantal 70 Lace Support TightsGo for Champagne with Karen and Chantal! These luxurious, lace design support tights will turn heads at any event. Both available in a silvery-cream colour 'Champagne', making them perfect for any wedding outfit.







Get naturally, gorgeous, looking legs with the Solidea Venere range. This line of 'barely-there' support tights are sheer from the toe, all the way up to your waist, flattering the look and shape of your legs. Venere Support Tights are ideal for any skirt or dress length, and have a soft pad under the ball of the foot, which is perfect for those wearing heels.

Preggers Maternity Support Leggings NavyGoing Navy? We've got just the thing. Support tights and support thigh highs in sheer and opaque, and in different compressions...all in Navy!

Navy Sheer Support Thigh Highs - Click here for Brigitte or Marilyn.

Navy Sheer Support Tights - Check out Naomi, Venere or Micromassage support tights by selecting them from ladies support tights here.

Navy Opaque Support Tights - Choose from Selene, Wonder Model or Red Wellness by selecting them from ladies support tights here.

Solidea Support Tights BluChina Melanzana PavoneAnd if that's not enough, we've got choices of reds, greens, blues, purples and pinks ALL in graduated compression to make sure your legs look stylish and feel amazing for your special day or night.

See all our products in patterns and colours by clicking here.

Looking for something specific? Call free on 0800 433 4757 or 01353 624624 (if using a mobile).

Or send us an email to orders@pebbleuk.com 

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Flight Socks

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

You don't have to put up with tired, aching legs on your travels. Whether you're flying, or travelling by car or bus; having long periods of immobility may be the reason your feet go puffy or your ankles swell, as your muscles aren't moving efficiently enough to aid the Veins job of circulating your Blood back to your Heart.


Our graduated compression Flight Socks effectively aid Blood circulation and so do the job of aiding the Veins, whilst your muscles are rested. Meaning your Legs will feel energised throughout the whole journey and ready to go that extra mile when you reach your destination.

We've got short length and wide calf options, open or closed toe designs, in a choice of fabrics and compressions, so rest assured, you will get a comfy pair of Flight Socks that fit well and enhances well being.

So start your holidays with a spring in your step and make sure you've got your Flight Socks before you leave the house. Get your Flight Socks from Pebble UK today (and don't leave it too late for the post to reach you).

Click Here for Ladies Flight Socks

Click Here for Mens Flight Socks


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Wiggle Room

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Wiggle ToesIf you love the freedom of wiggle room, but require the use of flight socks for this year’s summer holidays then Pebble UK are offering to free your toes from the squeeze of conventional compression socks.

Pebble UK’s Toeless Sheer Support Knee Highs are the ideal ‘hot holiday’ Flight Sock for those who need proper, graduated compression to keep legs energised and free from swelling, ‘heavy leg sensation’ and Deep Vein Thrombosis in ‘at risk’ travellers.

With an open toe design, your toes can wiggle free throughout your travels, keeping them cool and comfortable, and of course, you can wear your favourite T-bar sandals.

Designed with a thinner, sheer fabric makes them more practical for warmer climates, whilst the non-Toeless Compression Socksrestrictive top band and reciprocated Heel pocket makes for a better, comfort fit.

So now there’s no need to hide your beautiful French pedicure. Don the socks, free your toes and start your holiday with healthy feeling, good looking legs.

Get style, comfort and practicality with Pebble UK Toeless Sheer Support Knee Highs (Style P41 £18.99) 

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