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Curvy Support Tights

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Solidea Curvy 70 Sheer Support TightsSupport Tights designed for 'curvy' figures. Soft, stretch panty area allow comfort for larger hips and thighs, and a unique, patented waistband that is more tolerable on the skin, soft, stretchy and comfortable.

Sheer fabric for modern day fashion with lightweight graduated compression that improves blood flow in the Legs to prevent swelling and leg fatigue, and the onset of varicose veins.

The sizing on these tights means that even if you tend to be a person that regularly fluctuates in weight, then these will still fit you. Check size charts for more info.

Enhance well being for beautiful bodies, both inside and out.

Click here to purchase your Solidea Curvy Sheer Support Tights

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