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Introductory Offers

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Solidea Leggings Maman 70 Opaque Maternity Support TightsLeggings Maman - At last, Footless Maternity Support Tights designed by Italian Compression Hosiery Manufacturer, Solidea. Brimming with the chic design of Italy, these gorgeously, soft maternity support tights feature comfort waistbands with deep, baby grow pouch and support panelling for the bump. Smooth, opaque material for skin friendly softness and comfort around the clock. Lightweight compression keeps Legs energised and free from the onset of varicose veins and swelling. An essential for any discerning mum-to-be.

Click here to get yours at the Introductory offer rate and save 15% off the retail price.










Solidea Curvy 70 Sheer Support TightsCurvy Sheer Support Tights - The answer to every womans prayers! Support Tights that consider those with 'real' figures, offering comfort for those who have larger hips and thighs. Patented, unique waistband, soft, stretchy tops and sheer leg material, means you don't have to compromise fashion for comfort (or the other way round). Lightweight compression keeps leg energised and helps protect against varicose veins and swelling.

Click here to get yours at the introductory offer rate and save 15% off the retail price.

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Special Occasion Support Hosiery

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

If you've got a special occasion to attend this year, then we will have just the support hosiery you need to look good with your outfit, and to make sure your Legs feel energised throughout the day (or night).

Solidea Chantal 70 Lace Support TightsGo for Champagne with Karen and Chantal! These luxurious, lace design support tights will turn heads at any event. Both available in a silvery-cream colour 'Champagne', making them perfect for any wedding outfit.







Get naturally, gorgeous, looking legs with the Solidea Venere range. This line of 'barely-there' support tights are sheer from the toe, all the way up to your waist, flattering the look and shape of your legs. Venere Support Tights are ideal for any skirt or dress length, and have a soft pad under the ball of the foot, which is perfect for those wearing heels.

Preggers Maternity Support Leggings NavyGoing Navy? We've got just the thing. Support tights and support thigh highs in sheer and opaque, and in different compressions...all in Navy!

Navy Sheer Support Thigh Highs - Click here for Brigitte or Marilyn.

Navy Sheer Support Tights - Check out Naomi, Venere or Micromassage support tights by selecting them from ladies support tights here.

Navy Opaque Support Tights - Choose from Selene, Wonder Model or Red Wellness by selecting them from ladies support tights here.

Solidea Support Tights BluChina Melanzana PavoneAnd if that's not enough, we've got choices of reds, greens, blues, purples and pinks ALL in graduated compression to make sure your legs look stylish and feel amazing for your special day or night.

See all our products in patterns and colours by clicking here.

Looking for something specific? Call free on 0800 433 4757 or 01353 624624 (if using a mobile).

Or send us an email to orders@pebbleuk.com 

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New Breast Feeding Covers

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Breast Feeding CoverLet's be honest, not every Mum is brave enough to breast feed their baby whilst in public places, but we reckon that all of those mums (or most) would if they could. The new Breast Feeding Covers from Pebble UK help maintain Mums modesty, so that baby can now be fed anytime, anywhere.

These modern and practical breast feeding covers are made with a boned neckline so that the top of the apron stands away from the chest, enabling eye contact with baby and natural ventilation. With terry towelling corners on the inside, mum can use her left or right hand to quickly clean up baby's mouth or any spills. There's a pocket on front to pop pacifiers or breast pads in, and a tie back, and adjustable neck strap, makes sure the cover fits comfortably whilst feeding.

Can also be used as an extra cotton blanket or stroller shade* and comes with a handy, toggle-top, storage bag.

Grab yours today while we have our 25% off introductory offer, click here to see more.

*make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the stroller during use as a sunshade and do not use for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.

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New Preggers Spring/Summer Colours Now Available

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Preggers Maternity Support Leggings OceanOur popular Preggers Maternity Support Leggings are now available to purchase in on-trend colours ready for Spring and Summer 2015. Beautiful Ocean colour is like a bright turquoise, and White is perfect for those warmer occasions, such as Race meetings and Weddings.

Preggers Leggings are already available in classic Black, cool Coal (Grey), classy Navy and something different, Eggplant, which is such a dark purple colour its almost black!

The leggings are really soft againsty the skin and are supportive around the bump and lower back. The great thing about the waistband is that it can be worn pulled over or rolled under the belly.

Superb Maternity Support Tights that effectively aid blood circulation to prevent swelling and leg fatigue. Great at helping to fight the onset of varicose veins.Preggers Maternity Support Leggings White

No modern Mum should be without a pair.

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Preggers New Summer Colours Have Arrived

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Preggers have launched their new summer colours, and they look fantastic. See the new Just Peachey, Sea Foam, Iris, Boho Pink, Geranium and Purple Berry available in Preggers Footless Maternity Support Tights.

Preggers Footless Maternity Support Tights in Boho PinkPreggers Footless Maternity Support Tights in GeraniumPreggers Footless Maternity Support Tights in IrisPreggers Footless Maternity Support Tights in Just PeachyPreggers Footless Maternity Support Tights in Purple BerryPreggers Footless Maternity Support Tights in Sea Foam

Energise your legs and prevent swelling during maternity, the Preggers Maternity Support Hosiery Range includes Sheer Support Knee Highs, Trouser Support Socks, Sheer Maternity Support Tights, Opaque Maternity Support Tights and Footless Maternity Support Tights, which are extremely popular this time of year.

Preggers Maternity Support Tights are made with uniquely designed waistbands that can be worn over the belly or rolled under the belly, they give shaping support around the bump and lower back and lightweight graduated compression makes sure that the blood flow is improved, to enhance wellbeing.

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New Season Colours in for Preggers

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Preggers Maternity Support Tights in MulberryNow available, new colours 'Mulberry' and 'Shop Teal U Drop' in both Preggers Footless Preggers Maternity Support Tights in TealMaternity Support Tights and Preggers Opaque Maternity Support Tights. Cool colours for cool mums! Add some spice to your winter wardrobes with Mulberry, a deep, purple shade to trendy the look of tunics and wool dresses. Or maybe the Teal, a rich, green colour to accompany your favourite black dress. Go on, give them a try.

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Cooler Support Hosiery For Warmer Weather

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

If you are needing to wear support hosiery during warmer periods, then our Therafirm branded items might be ideal for you.

All the Therafirm support hosiery products are made with Micro Cool, an agent in the dying process that helps draw moisture away from the body, keeping your skin feeling fresher, healthier and cooler for longer.


Pebble UK supply the following Therafirm products and lines:

Therafirm Silver Core Spun Unisex Socks WhiteCore-Spun Knee High Support Socks for both Men and Women in 2 compressions 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg. Core-Spun yarns have been developed to offer much more stretchy fabric. This means that they are easier to put on and more comfortable to wear, making these a great choice for travellers. They look like sock material too, so they are also good to wear with trainers.


Therafirm Unisex Open Toe Support SocksCompression Knee Highs and Toeless Compression Knee Highs for both Men and Women in 20-30 mmHg. Designed for those with more advanced symptoms of venous circulatory problems such as varicose veins, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, thrombosis and deep vein thrombosis.


Ladies Sheer STherafirm Ladies Support Tights Style Cupport Knee Highs, Ladies Sheer Support Thigh-Highs and Ladies Sheer Support Tights, all in medium compression 15-20 mmHg, which is ideal for those with varicose veins, minor swelling, heavy, feeling legs, leg fatigue and post-sclerotherapy and vein stripping treatments.


Therafirm Light Support Socks for MenTherafirm Light range, which includes Mens Support Knee Highs, Ladies Diamond Pattern Support Socks, Ladies Sheer Support Knee Highs and Microfibre Maternity Support Tights all in a lightweight compression of 10-15 mmHg to help prevent the onset of varicose veins and light swelling, and are useful in energising tired legs, making these a good choice for travellers, too.

Preggers Footless Maternity Support TightsPreggers maternity support hosiery range, which includes Ladies Support Knee Highs, Ladies Support Trouser Socks, Footless Maternity Support Tights, Opaque Maternity Support Tights, Semi-Opaque Maternity Support Tights in a wild range of colours and all in a lightweight compression of 10-15 mmHg. These Maternity Support Tights have unique waistbands that can be worn over or under the belly and have shaping support around the lower back and bump, offering stability in these areas, whilst helping to energise sluggish, tired legs and helping protect from the onset of varicose veins and swollen ankles. Perfect for the modern, expectant mum.Preggers Footless Maternity Support Tights Colours Spring Summer 2013Preggers Footless Maternity Support Tights Colours

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New Relax Maternity Line Available Soon

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Pebble UK is venturing even further into the supportive underwear market, and are very anxious to receive the new products made by RelaxSan.

RelaxSan Maternity Briefs CottonThe RelaxMaternity range includes maternity briefs, maternity thongs and a maternity belt that are uniquely designed for expectant mums that require support in areas that are overburdened by extra weight.

Being made in a seamless design for comfort and in natural fibres such as cotton and milk bio-fibre, the RelaxMaternity supportive underwear line offers unequalled softness, comfort and practicality for mum-to-be, helping to provide nourishment to the skin, preventing bacterial skin infections and helping to contain elongation of muscle fibres to maintain the skins natural elasticity and help prevent sagging.

Made to fit comfortably over the abdomen and made with an expandable baby-grow pouch, the RelaxMaternity line will give you support under neath the bump and lower back, helping to distribute body weight to eliminate fatigue and maintain good posture.

Look out for them arriving soon!


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