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Get the Best Out of Flight Socks

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Solidea Relax Unisex SocksFlight Socks work best if you put them on first thing in the morning, despite the time you fly. Many people just put their flight socks on before the actual flight and take them off again at the other end, but swelling may already have started to occur as soon as you get out of bed and start walking around on your legs. You may then find it a struggle to get into your Flight Socks, when you need to.

The legs are always at their smallest first thing in the morning, due to the blood circulation being helped by your legs being elevated while you sleep. So when you get up and start walking around, gravity takes its toll, and the legs will start to swell slightly. With this in mind, this is the best time to put your Flight Socks or Compression Socks on, as they will prevent the swelling from occurring, and of course, this Toeless Compression Sockswill be the best time in terms of ease of getting the Flight Socks on.

Just remember, when using Flight Socks, they will effectively improve the blood circulation in your legs, they will energise your legs and prevent swelling, and tired, heavy feeling legs, so why wouldn't you want to get them on your feet as soon as possible?

When you reach your destination, and you still have a bus/coach/car/taxi/train journey to go, then keep your Flight Socks on throughout, they will help keep your legs healthier during times of immobility.

At the end of your travelling day, strip the Flight Socks off your legs and feet, and you will feel the difference. Legs will feel much healthier and lighter, and not so sluggish. Put your feet up, relax, and enjoy your time away.



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