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Hosiery Blog

Sports Compression Leggings for Performance & Recovery

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Our Solidea Silver Wave Long Sports Compression Leggings for Ladies and Solidea Panty Plus Sports Compression Leggings for Men are ideal to use during sporting activities and post workout recovery.

Giving the lower body muscles stability and support to reduce muscle vibration, these hi-tech compression garments are made with a breathable, bacteria-busting, silver treated yarn, that has been uniquely woven into a patented 3D wave fabric to effectively massage the body as it moves.

The micro-massage function actively promotes healthy blood circulation on the skins surface, while the built-in compression in the leggings, is able to improve blood circulation in the legs. This dual action gives better mechanics of motion, by forestalling the formation of lactic acid, reducing cramps and wasted leg muscle energy loss, and improves strength and endurance to help your body perform at its very best.

These sports compression leggings are also extremely useful for post activity or damage recovery.

Solidea Silver Wave LongSolidea Panty Plus

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New Thong-Toe Design Sheer Support Tights

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Get the ultimate in wellbeing and transparency with these brand new, thong-toe design, sheer support tights.

The Solidea Venere Open Toe Sheer Support Tights have been specifically designed for use during the warmer months. People who are susceptible to summer swelling, varicosities and leg fatigue will not only find these a great help to prevent and ease these annoying symptoms, but will also find satisfaction in the styling of these elegantly sheer, supportive tights.

With a 'never-seen-before' thong-toe design, where the end of the tights wrap around the big toe like a flip-flop, these tights will enable your feet to remain comfortable and cool, and allow your toes to wiggle freely. Being sheer from foot-to-waist, they give a natural look that instantly flatters the legs, and enables you to wear them under shorts or shorter skirts (or leotards) without anyone noticing the difference.

Available in two different compressions (Venere 70 Open Toe Support Tights & Venere 140 Open Toe Support Tights), and 3 colour shades, these sheer support tights are a must-have for all summer wardrobes.

Solidea Venere 140 Open Toe Support Tights

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