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New Breast Feeding Covers

Posted by: Naomi Jarman

Breast Feeding CoverLet's be honest, not every Mum is brave enough to breast feed their baby whilst in public places, but we reckon that all of those mums (or most) would if they could. The new Breast Feeding Covers from Pebble UK help maintain Mums modesty, so that baby can now be fed anytime, anywhere.

These modern and practical breast feeding covers are made with a boned neckline so that the top of the apron stands away from the chest, enabling eye contact with baby and natural ventilation. With terry towelling corners on the inside, mum can use her left or right hand to quickly clean up baby's mouth or any spills. There's a pocket on front to pop pacifiers or breast pads in, and a tie back, and adjustable neck strap, makes sure the cover fits comfortably whilst feeding.

Can also be used as an extra cotton blanket or stroller shade* and comes with a handy, toggle-top, storage bag.

Grab yours today while we have our 25% off introductory offer, click here to see more.

*make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the stroller during use as a sunshade and do not use for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.

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